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Thanos is the best character of Avengers: End Game. Here's why.

Ok, listen, if you have not seen Avengers: End Game yet, don’t read this post. Now that I have warned you, let’s get to this perfection of a villain Thanos is. Every good superhero needs a good villain, and by “good” I mean so impressive that you kind of want him to prevail. I find that to be rather hard to execute let alone appreciate. I mean, they are supposed to be flawed and hated, because, after all, that’s just the going rule for any story really. The “bad guy” is expected to just lose, period! When was the last time you really connected or even respected a villain?

For one, he is quite eloquent. Most bad guys, especially in superhero-packed action movies aren’t usually this well-spoken. His monologues, laced with intelligent and dark sarcasm, really gave a clear insight into his confidence, his knowledge, and power. Sometimes, I found him quite amusing, grimly romantic even. Bottom line, when the Mad Titan speaks, everyone is all ears, as much as the movie watchers won’t admit it because they simply did not notice they were glued to every one of his words (lol)

Secondly, he is strong. Ok, I know this does not sound like much, but we all know he kicked every one of the Avengers asses single-handedly… pun totally not intended. There is something rather impressive in confidently taking on super-powered human beings including the Hulk and make it look brisk. Granted, the infinity stones helped, but come on. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Third, his resolve is insanely strong. Maybe I’m reaching, but there is a life lesson somewhere here amidst the universe-level genocide. I know, super grim, but if you’ve made it this far in this writeup, hear me out. Right or wrong, sticking to something till the end is not necessarily this generation’s strong suit. Think about it, how many times have you made the same new year’s resolution? The intensity with which he followed through with his quest was so inspiring that it pretty much was the premise the Avengers used to defeat him (bet you did not see that coming).

Bottom line, I respect Thanos because he makes no excuses for his “evilness”.  He knew well what that finger snap meant and stood behind it. In his tenacity I find inspiration. If we followed through with our life quests – however so minuscule or grand – I firmly believe we’d be a different kind of humanity. For that, I think he is the best character in the Avengers saga.



I am a Haitian Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer based in Miami Florida.


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  1. Might I add that he is a man of principles…he does not have to tell lies to get what he wants. He works hard to get it.
    Also he makes him a great villain because of what he believes in like wiping half the population for the other half to survive. He knows it will
    Work since he did it on other planets that were starving and after he intervened the population strived.
    I would even says great villains make great heroes. (Example : joker vs Batman in the dark night)

  2. Interesting review. It makes for a great movie when the villain’s character is so well developed you feel sad when they eventually defeat him (because they ALWAYS do **eye roll**). The last character I appreciated as much was Heath Ledger’s joker.

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