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Denison Closings — a system built to streamline the closing process.



For quite some time, Denison who has consistently shown its leadership in the digital yachting space, was at the mercy of a closing system riddled with challenges, aside from being outdated. Yacht closing platforms faced several digital design challenges. One prominent issue lies in balancing the need for comprehensive functionality with a user-friendly interface. Yacht closing involves intricate transactions and documentation, making it crucial to present a system that streamlines processes without overwhelming users. Ensuring robust security measures for sensitive information is another challenge, as confidentiality is paramount in high-value transactions. Integrating seamless communication channels among stakeholders, including clients and brokers, poses a design challenge to foster collaboration. Additionally, adapting to evolving technological standards and trends while maintaining a timeless and sophisticated visual aesthetic adds complexity to the design process, as yacht closing platforms must strike a balance between innovation and industry tradition.


My design approach was grounded in addressing the unique challenges inherent in the yacht closing process which at the time was clunky. I focused on creating a seamless and intuitive system that navigates the complexities of yacht transactions.

Understanding the intricacies of the closing process, I prioritized user experience, ensuring that the platform offered a user-friendly interface for both admins and yacht brokers. The design incorporated clear and concise navigation, streamlining the steps involved in closing a yacht deal.

To enhance efficiency, I implemented features that facilitate secure document sharing, electronic signatures, and real-time communication between stakeholders. This not only expedites the closing process but also ensures transparency and collaboration throughout.

Visual aesthetics played a crucial role in the design, with a clean and modern interface reflecting Denison Yachting’s commitment to professionalism and excellence. The color scheme and imagery were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of trust and reliability, essential elements in high-value transactions like yacht closings.

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