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"Simplicity is the key to Brilliance"


Earlier this year, I had been exploring the idea of curating the channels in which I exposed my portrait photography portfolio. After a late evening chat with a fellow creative, I created an account on the Raw Artists website and two days later, I got invited to showcase. I had never really thought about how much work I had compiled thus far and I did not have much time. But I thought to myself “challenge accepted”!

If you don’t already know about RAW, it is a conglomerate of creatives, created to provide a platform of resources and exposure to all sorts artists on an international level (operating in over 60 cities across the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK). I had already attended one of their showcases before while supporting the aforementioned fellow creative, which at the time to me seemed like yet another Miami party, or as he candidly coined it “a popularity contest”. However, though I agreed, I kind of embraced that. I mean how else am I to celebrate the culmination of my work so far other than surrounded by my fav supporters? Plus, outside of the cost of showcasing, it’s not any different than social media if you think about it.

But that was just it. I had never showcased any of my work before and the idea was thrilling! I actually couldn’t care less whether I had the best product at the showcase. Hell, I did not care to sell anything at all! All I wanted was to be there and to experience it. In fact, every single person who purchased a ticket received a double white matte board mounted print from the select showcase pieces. Despite various instances when things really went wrong, the overall experience was actually pretty positive. The energy in the room was just “cool”. There was this sort of unspoken mutual appreciation of art between the artists. I got to connect with some amazing artists, witnessed mind-blowing performances, and got to hang with close friends in the name of art.

If you are an up and coming artist and you want to put your work out there, get inspired by other mediums and expand your network, I say go RAW.


Marc-Anthony is a Haiti-born photographer and graphic designer based in North Miami Beach, Florida. Since the early age of 5, Marc had always shown a particular aptitude to learn anything related to art. Exposed to Haiti’s rich culture and guided by his own curiosity, he developed many skill sets including comic book character illustrations and painting.

These talents led him to attend and graduate from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Graphic Design. Though interested in photography in general, it wasn’t until 2016 he organically acquired a taste for film photography which later the same year, started to focus more on portraiture.

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