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"Simplicity is the key to Brilliance"

Taste of Haiti Box Website Design

Website design / E-Commerce

Project summary

Taste of Haiti Box is a bi-monthly subscription program that aims at bringing authentic Haitian products to the culturally curious via an e-commerce platform. Their goal is to make it easier to get real Haitian-made products by connecting their audience with locally-based merchants, artisans, and businesses. The products vary from foods, beverages, artisanal jewelry, health and cosmetic products, local arts, and crafts. The subscription stays unique by constantly changes its theme, ensuring that no one will not get the same items twice.



Taste Of Haiti Box



Product photography






Firstly, to satisfy the Haitian living abroad with products and content that directly related to their dearest memories. Secondly, to reach a realm of users who are constantly but silently curious about the culture. The ultimate goal was to create an e-commerce ecosystem where customers can connect with content that they’re interested in, and shop for things they value – products that support their cultural explorer within.


Primarily. create a web experience that is practical, educational, simple, and enjoyable. Secondly, Use culture primarily to drive commerce by establishing a site framework that brings the brand to its audience in an experiential way. Additionally, immediately immersing the user into the brand’s culture and makes information easily available despite the depth and variety of content offered.

Using culture to drive commerce

Using a very simple platform, I wanted to convey a clear message that brought to the forefront the brand’s culture quickly and effectively. In doing so, the user connects to the products through brand storytelling and product presentation that work together seamlessly.

Focusing on a seamless shopping experience

To present the platform’s e-Commerce features in a direct and effective manner, the website was designed leaving behind all excess clutter and focused on the consumer’s interaction with the product. This was achieved by clean product photography with a touch of local flavor, simple and immersive product descriptions which allowed bringing a relatable human touch.

Simplified access to the product

I carefully tailored the mobile navigation system basing the approach on simplicity. This allows the experience to be clutter-free and direct. The user gets to the content quickly from anywhere on the platform.


Taste of Haiti box subscriptions sold out within days of launching.With subscribers all over the United States from all walks of life, the site increases steadily in sales each month by 17%.

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