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The New Hellboy was not too bad. Here's why.

Ok to start, I have never read any of the Hellboy comics, so my knowledge of the character and his entire world are solely based on the movies that have been made so far. However, I am a big movie fan, especially movies involving superheroes and demons. Which is where I think the new installment directed by Neil Marshall delivered.

For one, I absolutely dig the new look, it is far more…. let’s say… Hellboy-ish. There is something far more sinister and absolutely demon-like in the new character costume. From the scars, the deeply recessed eyes, to the size of the character, I think it was rather well executed. Though I must say, the muscly dad bod was kind of hard to absorb, but…

Secondly, the creatures. From giants to ghouls to an ancient malevolent queen, they all seem to just ooze of suffering and just hellian energy. Now, I really love Guillermo Del Toro’s style of demonic characters. Although they are demons, they are romanticized in a manner that keeps your eyes glued to the screen, even develop some sort of liking to them. But in this new installment, these things are just horrendous, just as they should! During the London invasion from hell scene, I had no time to assimilate their ugliness, I was just cringing the entire time which is exactly what demons and monsters should do! Let’s just leave the kissing scene out of here for a minute before I…

Now for where I think the same thing I enjoyed failed as well, is that just I happen to really enjoy tastefully placed gore in a movie where demons are pretty much the epicenter of the story, nevertheless, there were a few misfires. Some I’d even say unnecessary.

I found myself getting into the movie at various points, thinking “ok, now we’re getting somewhere”, only to be let down again by the development of the story. I do appreciate the movie not retelling the entire story of the main character in a linear way, but at some point, the disconnects (whether on purpose or not) were just too apparent and damaging. Furthermore, I can’t help but feel that the defeating of the Blood Queen was a bit weak, especially after such a buildup of her amazing powers and that of Hellboy manifesting.

Something that came as a surprise though, was the Marvel Universe-like movie ending with the discovery of Abe Sapien. I see what you did there.



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